Water Testing Supplies

Microbiological and chemical test kits for water

The routine testing of water for microbiological and chemical composition is important for many reasons.  Drinking water for example should be free from major chemical and biological contaminants to ensure it is safe for consumption.  We provide a variety of test kits from highly accurate digital meters to easy to use and economical test strips for all types of chemical parameters.

Legionella managment is important for many organisations to meet their legal and moral obligations and we provide equipment and systems to allow this to be performed in house.  Routine Legionella sampling can form an important part if this management and we provide UKAS accredited testing in an easy to use kit to allow this to be performed at significantly reduced costs.  Simply fill the bottle provided, date and seal in the pre-paid return envelope before putting them in a local post box or post office.

Naviget easily through either water system type, building type or specific test type to easily find the correct test kit for your requirements.  All our prices are displayed including VAT and a full VAT receipt is provided.  Shipping is charged and handling is charged at cost and all UKAS microbiological sampling kits attract free postage.

Our online ordering and secure Worldpay payment gateway ensures that you can order at any time and minimise delays in receiving your goods.  Please feel free to call us for independent advice on the best products and methodology for your particular requireement.